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What, it’s almost October?

What has the PTO been doing for the first quarter of the year?

Parents & Families – We know school and events are ever shifting.  With that we wanted to share what we have been doing the first couple of months of the school year.  Here is a list of events and meetings we have had with more to come.

  • Coffee Truck and lunch for teachers first week back
  • Sonic Drink Break for teachers
  • Table at Back to School night
  • ACE Family Movie Night
    • How fun was this?  We had over 200 people show up to watch Monster Inc together.  ACE PTO gave out free water and popcorn and we even had Kona Ice come by.
  • ACE PTO General Meeting in September
  • Monthly Exe Board Meetings

Coming Soon

  • Doughnuts with Dudes
  • APEX Program

How can you help PTO?

Educate Yourself (Talent)

  • Learn what PTO does for ACE, students and staff
  • Ask a board member to have coffee, meal or drink

Involve Yourself (Time)

  • Sign up to volunteer
  • Come to a PTO Meeting (general / exe board)
  • Ask your student how they would like you to be involved

Give (Treasure)

  • Donate items for an event
  • Donate to your student’s class
  • Donate money to PTO
  • Donate money to an event
  • Ask others in your orbit to help PTO via donations or money

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